Kyiv History Museum invites to exhibition by Lina Gorelova

Kyiv History Museum invites everyone to visit the exhibition by Lina Gorelova called SELF UNIVERSE STRATUMS, which will take place from November 12 to November 27, 2019. Color saturation and unexpected shapes characteze Lina's works. She compares human destinies with the canvas, and the inner worlds with mysterious constellations that cannot be grasped.

Art exhibition in Kyiv

Due to the brightness of the works, Lina seeks to convey the living inner world of the modern man, who opposes the hard world to the outside, including the virtual. Hence the exposure has saturation with natural materials and clear strong colors. This is the nature from which man draws strength and inspiration daily to move forward.


The artist wants to convey with her works the message that each person is a unique star in the universe, which has its own unique sound, vibration, structure. It is this structure of the inner world that she calls "stratums", the basis of human self-realization and the source of his unique talents. The vibration intertwining is transmitted in different colors, forming exceptional patterns. These patterns are compared to the human inner world: as portraits convey an outward image with a hint of the inner, so do the stars seek to convey the inner sound through their structure.


Address: Kyiv History Museum, Khmelnytskoho str., 7, Kyiv.