Ukraine WOW

On 14 November, a unique exhibition Ukraine WOW will open in a new exhibition space, which is located at the Kyiv Central Railway Station, near the 14th route and the Kyiv Boryspil Express platform. This is reported by UNIAN. Here, everyone will be able to travel around Ukraine without leaving the station.

Ukraine WOW

Ukraine WOW has seven semantic blocks that will show Ukraine to the viewer as if he is traveling along it in a train. From the first wow landscapes to the smells of the steppe and the sound of the sea. From a wall of amber and installations of brilliant anthracite to a tunnel of love built right in the exhibition space. From the last self-portrait of Kazimir Malevich to the sculptures of Oleksandr Arkhypenko. From the unique alphabet of George Narbut to the hut, on the walls of which the works of Polina Raiko are reproduced. From a pink carriage in which dreams sound, to virtual reality that allows you to fly over your Mother Motherland, to walk around the restored Nevitsky Castle and to see from the inside the most powerful blast furnace in Europe. Among other things, it’s also an opportunity to voice cartoons about prominent Ukrainians and see how unique Ukrainian tapestries are woven here.


Gres Todorchuk agency is working on the creation of Ukraine WOW. Among the many partners of Ukraine WOW are Ukrainer, Depositphotos, Travel Book, Expolight, museums and private institutions.


Date: November 14 - December 29, from 11:00 to 20:00.

Address: Kyiv Central Railway Station.