Chinese painting collection at the Khanenko Museum

An exhibition of Chinese classical painting "Triumphs and Holidays" has recently opened at the Khanenko Museum, where exhibits from the museum's collections, usually inaccessible to visitors, are presented. According to the museum staff, the exhibition includes scrolls, collections of Nianhua Chinese folk engraving, and works of decorative and applied art. This is reported by BigKiev.

Khanenko Museum

The project is dedicated to the personal victories of Chinese legendary heroes and the traditions of folk celebrations. An important point will be the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional Chinese art at different levels: from elitist painting to folk engraving. Traditional painting reflects outstanding historical events, participants. The lively folk engravings of Nyanhua echo with high art. Often, they tell the same stories in a language, perhaps more naive and vivid, and always very sincere. The works of arts and crafts add to the exhibition more festive colors and more broadly reveal the themes of heroism and celebration in Chinese art.


Address: the Khanenko Museum, Tereschenkivska str., 15-17, Kyiv.