The amazing church icons are shown in Kyiv

Do you love religious art? The latest look at traditional compositions in the painting of the church is shown in the Art Gallery "Lavra" in Kyiv, according to Vechirniy.Kyiv. Here you can find paitings on biblical themes prepared for the Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Lypivka. They were created by famous Ukrainian painter Anatoliy Kryvolap in cooperation with his colleague Ihor Stupachenko.

Church icon exhibition in Kiev

Artists have been working for more than four years to create these works. Ihor Stupachenko devised new technologies, created traditional compositions, preparing a series of scenes for visual filling of the temple. Anatoliy Kryvolap assumed responsibility for emotional content and color decisions, for the modern look and reaction to the old testaments in the church built in the XXI century.


This exhibition is really unique, because visitors will be able to see the originals of the paintings that will be mounted in the church building after the exhibition. The new temple was erected in the ancient village of Lypivka, located not far from Kyiv, on the site of the Church of the Intercession, destroyed by Soviet authorities, at the patronage of Bohdan Batruk. 


Date & time: until July 14,2019, from 12:00 to 19:00.

Address: Lavra Art Gallery, Lavrska Str, 1.

Free entrance.