A new art exhibition opened in Kyiv

What to see and do in Kyiv? Do you love art? In the National Museum "Kyiv Picture Gallery" a new exhibition of paintings and graphic arts opened in Kyiv, according to BigKiev. The works belong to the artist Svitlana Bryniuk. 

Art exhibition in Kiev

At the exhibition you can see about a hundred paintings and graphic works of the artist. The exposition is a peculiar laboratory of the artist, in which, along with finished works, the sketches and sketches are displayed, and the viewer can trace how the author's design turns into a work of art.


"The dream, as the guardian angel, is a constant companion of man throughout his life. The purpose is one of the manifestations of dreams. It is fixed, final and achievable. For the artist, it is not a driving force, it's only a unit from the archives of achievements. The dream is endless, it is always transformed, with each step towards it it is filled with ever deeper content and always somewhere beyond the horizon. The artist never confuses the dream with the goal, because it is the only thing that gives the creative meaning and strength. If there is no dream, then there is no life. This exhibition is an archive of my research and achievements on this path. One of the manifestations of my dream has come true. But the dream, as always, transformed and again beckoned with its inaccessibility and encourages to go further. Dreams of NON STOP," says the artist.


The exhibition will be open until July 21, from 10:00 to 18:00. It doesn't work on Mondays and Thursdays. Address: National Museum "Kyiv Picture Gallery", Tereshchenkivska Str., 9.