Art Exhibition "Transitional state" by Svitlana Agranovska

What to see and do in Kyiv? Gallery "Portal 11" presents the art exhibition "Transitional state" and invites all art lovers to enjoy it, according to JAG. The author is Svitlana Agranovska, who was born in 1985 in Dnipro and studied at the Dnipro Theater and Art College.

Art exhibition n Kyiv

"Transitional State" project consists of three scenic series. Common to all works is the presence of a definite point of reference that is a recognizable object which could be easily found and may look like a mountain, tree or eye. Familiar objects are surrounded by decorative abstract forms, and create a context, but not narrative. Despite the presence of a genre component that develops into an abstract form, the picture does not become, in the strict sense of the word, either genre or abstract, but stops, fades in this moment of transition.


Date: 18-31 July, 2019.

AddressGallery "Portal 11", Trysviatytelska Str.,11Kyiv.