A photo project "Metamodern. Search for perfection" in Kyiv

An art project "Metamodern. Search for perfection" opens in the Museum of History of Kyiv, according to BigKyiv. "Metamodern. Search for perfection" is a view of 15 authors from all over Ukraine on art in an era of changes.

Art exhibition in Kiev

"Artists can start searching the truth just as science can strive for poetic elegance. Where are we now? In what artistic era do we live? These questions bother both artists and art theoreticians. And if the latter try to answer them logically, then artists choose the path of creative pursuit. This exhibition is the result of such searches," man says on the website of the museum.


Date: until 11 August 2019.

Address: the Museum of History of Kyiv, Bohdan Khmelnytsky str., 7.