Kyiv's museum introduces the world of modern photography

Do you love photogrphy? On the third floor of the Museum of Kyiv History, you can find the project "Metamodern. Search for perfection". This is a view of 15 authors from all over Ukraine on the art in an era of changes, according to Vechirniy.Kyiv. Each photographer has his own style, themes, camera and even methods for processing and printing works.

Photography exhibition in Kyiv
Photo: vechirniy.kyiv.ua

"Now philosophers say about the birth of a new phenomenon called Metamodern. No one will tell you the right path to the absolute truth. Every thinker or artist has his own way of understanding the goals and objectives of art," say the organizers.


Date: until August 11, 2019.

Address: Museum of Kyiv History, Bohdan Khmelnytsky str., 7.