“Offseason” art exhibition in Kyiv

Kyiv Auction House "Ducat" presents the exhibition of Oleksandr Yanovych "Offseason". This is a new large series of landscapes, real and abstract. The author presents panoramic views on the boundless space. In the works of the artist, the clean areas are bordered with painted, textured, vivid, and the landscapes depicted are mixed into one surrealistic cocktail with weather phenomena.

Art exhibition in Kiev

The author says that the offseason is an instant in the midst of two epochs. This is some time when changes become necessary and irreversible, when changes have already begun, but slowly and implicitly, on the deep, hidden level of reality. Oleksandr Yanovych  is a Ukrainian artist, engaged in painting, drawing, sculpture making. He collects contemporary art and also is a curator of art projects.


Date: 24 July – 26 August, 2019.

Address: Kyiv Auction House "Ducat", Volodymyrska str., 5, Kyiv.