An exhibition on the person’s identity will take place in Kyiv

What to see and do in Kyiv? If you love art, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the unique exhibition of young Ukrainian artists called "Identification" that will open on August 16 in Kyiv. The exposition raises issues of personality formation in difficult realities. This is reported by informator.ua.

Identification exhibition

As a result of the selection of works received as part of the Open Call from Spivakovska ART: EGO Gallery, the curators have formed a list of authors whose works will be presented at the final exhibition. The exposition consists of works in which the original style of execution and the correspondence between the concept and a given theme were noted.


Have you ever wondered what the characteristics of a person’s identity are? Why does a person classify himself or herself as a part of this or that clan? How does he or she become aware of his or her sexual orientation? Why is he or she reaching for his or her roots? Why is he or she looking for his or her origin? At what point and under what circumstances is he or she aware of the personal maturity?


Despite the number of freedoms of the modern man, there are still factors in society that do not accept certain qualities of man. The works presented at the exhibition show what the personality will be like if you cut off all the excess in it.


Date: 17-30 August 2019.

Address: Spivakovska ART Gallery: EGO Gallery, Saksahanskoho str., 59B, Kyiv.