Classic music from Fantastic Jazz Band

Do you love classic music? On Saturday, August 17, a free concert will take place in Kyiv. Most people imagine Philharmonic Concert Halls, when they think about classical music. But let's drop the stereotypes. On this day, the Fantastic Jazz Band will play Latin classic LATIN SHADOWS at the Picnic Garden of VDNG.

Live music in Kyiv

According to the organizers, a fascinating mix of fiery rhythm and fabulous harmonies of the South American continent awaits guests. The program will feature plays of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban musical culture. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the great music and spend a nice evening in the garden. 


Date & time: 17 August 2019, 18.00.

Address: Picnic Garden, VDNG, Academician Glushkov Avenue, 1 Kyiv.