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News · 26. November 2019
On December 7, all Kyiv residents and guests of the capital are invited to the theme park-festival Winter Country at VDNG, which will take place in Kyiv the fifth time. This year, the organizers are going to expand the entertainment area by adding unique locations for adults and children. The concept of the season is the theme of dream.

News · 28. October 2019
Traveling to Kyiv with kids? On November 2, a new location called Christmas Dream Factory will begin its work in Kyiv at VDNG. It will be located in the second pavilion, which turned into a fairy town with incredibly realistic scenery. The organizers promise that visitors will plunge into the Christmas adventure and get acquainted with the process of making glass Christmas-tree decorations. This is reported by the

Live music in Kyiv
News · 17. August 2019
Do you love classic music? On Saturday, August 17, a free concert will take place in Kyiv. Most people imagine Philharmonic Concert Halls, when they think about classical music. But let's drop the stereotypes. On this day, the Fantastic Jazz Band will play Latin classic LATIN SHADOWS at the Picnic Garden of VDNG.

Travel Guide · 11. June 2019
Kyiv has plenty of architectural masterpieces. Furthermore, the city can boast of different architectural styles, including Stalinist architecture. One of its best examples is the National Complex ‘Expocenter of Ukraine’, also known as VDNG or VDNKh. Until 1993, the complex has been called the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (Ukrainian abbreviation: VDNG).