A great contemporary art exhibition opens in Kyiv

Today, August 27, Emoveo art project starts in Kyiv. The exhibition includes works of such modern artists as Tetyana Rusetska, Tetyana Kolesnyk, Polina Kuznetsova and Evgenia Prymachenko. This is reported by Informator. The name of the exhibition reflects its theme as well, as in Latin “Emoveo” means “move”. So in the paintings and sculptures, this theme was reflected.

Art exhibition in Kyiv
Photo: informator.ua

According to the curator of the exhibition, Daria Bilenko, contemporary art is a reflection, but it concerns not only external trends and realities, but, first of all, the internal conditions of the author. “For all creative people, the emotional side of their life is very important, their essence consists of this - succumbing to emotions or a short burst of feelings, a work of art can be born,” notes Daria. The exhibition is dedicated to this emotional background, which every person and every work of art has. It helps Daria Bilenko that all the authors of the exhibition are very different as individuals, but in their work a single thread can be traced - the ability to emotional resonance through their work. You can get acquainted with the works of art presented at the exhibition with a glass of beer. At the opening, which takes place on August 27, the brand zone of Stella Artois beer will work as part of the exhibition. This beer brand is also a partner of the event. 


Date: 27 August – 8 September 2019. 

Address: Tarasivska str., 3a, Kyiv.