Chornobyl will get a beautiful mural soon

On September 6, the painters have sketched the futuremural on the end wall of Chornobyl NPP Turbine Hall. On June 3 sketch-winner was chosen from 24 candidates for the mural creation at Chornobyl NPP. The author of the sketch was Valerіі Korshunov with his picture "Looking to the Future". The company Muralmarket was chosen as a performer, which is known for its work in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. 

Mural sketch in Chernobyl

"The work will take two or three weeks. The first stage of the work is sketching. It is done using the projector at night. We connected powerful projectors and shine on the wall. Painters draw the contours of the picture, and further work is close, you might say, to the coloring. That is, a person with a sketch, as on the map, finds where it is now, and paints a piece of grass or sky, or hands, horses or something else. Nothing complicated, just large scale, but we have already grown used to this," the organizer says.