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News · 08. February 2020
Pripyat celebates its 50th anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary of Pripyat, resettled after the Chornobyl accident, a digital bas-relief of Prometheus was presented here. The total area of the art object is almost 350 m2. This is reported by NV.

Chornobyl Duga Radar
News · 01. November 2019
A site protected by UNESCO may appear in the Chornobyl zone. This is reported by Segodnya, referring to the head of the Association of Chornobyl tour operators Yaroslav Yemelyanenko and the former head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Vitaly Peruk.

Mural in Chornobyl
News · 17. October 2019
A giant mural appeared in Chernobyl. It depicts Przewalski's horses and stylized atomic energy under human control. This is reported by SSE Chornobyl NPP. The canvas is of 18 m height and 58 m length, and it is located on the eastern wall of the Turbine Hall facing the ChNPP office premises.

Mural sketch in Chernobyl
News · 07. September 2019
On September 6, the painters have sketched the futuremural on the end wall of Chornobyl NPP Turbine Hall. On June 3 sketch-winner was chosen from 24 candidates for the mural creation at Chornobyl NPP. The author of the sketch was Valerіі Korshunov with his picture "Looking to the Future". The company Muralmarket was chosen as a performer, which is known for its work in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.