Digital bas-relief of Prometheus was presented in Pripyat

Pripyat celebates its 50th anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary of Pripyat, resettled after the Chornobyl accident, a digital bas-relief of Prometheus was presented here. The total area of the art object is almost 350 m2. This is reported by NV.

The digital bas-relief on the main wall of the Polisya hotel, located in the center of Pripyat, was presented by Valery Korshunov, the author of the cultural project ARTEFACT and the mural at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. The projection with a height of 25 m and a total area of 350 m became the first and largest mapping projection of the Chernobyl zone. Modern 3D-graphics intersected in it with the chronicle of young Pripyat under the soundtrack, written using the Sounds of Chernobyl. The video art work tells the story of Prometheus, one of the symbols of the city of Pripyat.