Giant mural appeared in Chornobyl

A giant mural appeared in Chernobyl. It depicts Przewalski's horses and stylized atomic energy under human control. This is reported by SSE Chornobyl NPP. The canvas is of 18 m height and 58 m length, and it is located on the eastern wall of the Turbine Hall facing the ChNPP office premises.

Mural in Chornobyl

"Besides, one of the tasks for mural creation was the attitude optimization of the enterprise's personnel. According to some inquiries among personnel of the enterprise, 52% of respondents expressed for additional decorating of industrial site area at ChNPP, 65% of respondents supported the mural location on Turbine Hall's wall, and 59% of them positively assessed this specific work," the press service informs.


It is worth reminding that on June 3, among 24 candidates, a winning sketch was selected to create a mural at ChNPP. The author was Valerii Korshunov together with his artwork called “Look into the future”.