Exclusive ethnic ornaments are displayed in Kyiv

On the ground floor of Kyiv History Musem there is an exhibition of Slava Saluk "Geography", which will be appreciated by connoisseurs and admirers of ethnic jewelry. In the works of this project, Glory deviates somewhat from the usual, mostly Hutsul motifs, and transfers the emphasis from local forms to global content. This exhibition is the result of capturing the unexpected but undeniable similarity of ethnic details, regardless of their origin, geography, religion, cultural or civilizational development. This is reported by Vechirniy.Kyiv.

Exhibition of Slava Saluk "Geography"
Photo: vechirniy.kyiv.ua

In her works the author uses Ukrainian motifs and combines them with elements from India, Latin America, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan. Her necklaces, which are first and foremost related to the tradition of Ukrainian women's jewelry, thus become a multicultural phenomenon, as each thread with beads is a bridge between generations, between Ukraine and the world. “It is a journey to countries and continents, where in the most unexpected places motives and forms magically overlap, although they never intersected. The Yemeni crosses are comparable to the Ancient Kyiv, and the Coptic cross from Ethiopia is very similar to the Hutsul carved chests.


"The thoughts that came to people at different times and places were surprisingly similar, and very similar things were considered good at opposite ends of the world. We can assume that beauty is not so much a subjective category, but on the contrary, it is universal, absolute, not subject to time,” says the artist.


Date: until September 16.

Address: Kyiv History Museum & Exhibition Center, Bohdan Khmelnytsky str., 7, Kyiv.