Kyiv’s Water Museum is an awesome place for kids and adults

What to do in Kyiv with children? Water Museum is an interesting place to visit for both kids and adults, and one of the most popular museums in Kyiv. The museum is located in the city center, in the former building of the city’s water tower, built in 1872-1876. In the 19th century it was the main "water supplier” of the city! In fact, it consisted of two water towers 20 meters high and an underground tank with a capacity of 110 thousand buckets! And this is 1 million 350 thousand liters! The author of this masterpiece was a military engineer Amand Struve, who also created the railway bridge across the Dnieper and the first electric tram in the Russian Empire.

Water Museum in Kyiv

The museum, also known as the water information center, officially opened in 2003. Its main goal is to inform people about the Earth’s hydrosphere and water resources of Ukraine, the technologies for preparing safe drinking water for health in centralized water supply systems, as well as rational methods of water consumption. So, Water Museum informs everything about water. In the halls of the center there are several models that demonstrate the comprehensive essence of water: Water on the surface and Water underground.


The exposition displays the water cycle in nature. You’ll also have an opportunity to travel across the continents, during which you can see a waterfall, a geyser eruption, melting of glaciers, and raining. Besides, Water Museum contains samples of ancient pipes, models of water towers and sewage systems, many visual aids that provide a lot of interesting details about the fresh water on Earth. The exposition combines the features of a museum, a technical exhibition and even an aqua park. The Water Museum in Kyiv invites you to see the giant toilet and visit the inside of the soap bubble, change the channel of the river and call lightning with thunder! This is a place where exhibits are not hidden from visitors behind a glass wall, but, on the contrary, are open to experimentation! Here you can create giant soap bubbles and personally test the strength of all units!


Address: Kreshchatyi park, Hrushevskoho str., 1V, Kyiv.

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