Halloween in Ancient Kyiv

On 26-27 October, the «Kyivan Rus Park» invites you to Halloween. But you won’t see any monsters from western cultures such as zombies or witches. You will meet typical Slavic evil spirits, which are known to all Ukrainians from childhood, due to some folk fairytales. You'll have a possibility to make friends with these picturesque antiheroes, to shake hands with them, make a photo, and play mobile games or dance together with them.

Ancient Kyiv

The celebration will start with the evil spirits` parade. Baba Yaga, Kikimora, Leshyi and other scary characters of the ancient Slavic mythology will visit the festival. The program includes witty jokes, medieval games and fiery round dancings. Evil spirits will invite the guests to a master-class on the «Marazulya» dance, will offer to play medieval football and also to take part in other interesting competitions. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy the funny theatrical wedding of the mythological characters such as Leshyi and Kikimora.


Address: Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus, Kopachiv, Kyiv region.