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Winter activities in Kiev
News · 19. December 2019
Today, December 19, Ancient Kyiv will celebrate St. Nicholas Day. The fairy tale program was prepared for children and adults. You will definitely have a true festive mood and enjoy many activities, such as sleigh rides, horseback riding, hot meals cooked on fire, drinks and mulled wine, winter entertainment and a New Year's performance.

Ancient Kyiv
News · 26. October 2019
On 26-27 October, the «Kyivan Rus Park» invites you to Halloween. But you won’t see any monsters from western cultures such as zombies or witches. You will meet typical Slavic evil spirits, which are known to all Ukrainians from childhood, due to some folk fairytales. You'll have a possibility to make friends with these picturesque antiheroes, to shake hands with them, make a photo, and play mobile games or dance together with them.

Ancient Kyiv
News · 19. October 2019
On 19-20 October, Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus will host the Show of horseback archers "Rus Warriors". A rich program and also tasty dishes prepared on fire, different locations and amusements, museums and games – all of this and even more will make the weekend really thrilling for everybody!

Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus
News · 14. September 2019
On September 14-15, "The World of Horses" show-exhibition, the feast of harmony of human and nature, will be held in Ancient Kyiv, in the Kyivan Rus Principality. Unique collection of horses historical breeds will presented to the visitors of the Principality "Kyivan Rus". Only in Ancient Kyiv you can see many breeds together at one place. Guests of Ancient Kyiv will learn about the origin of breeds, and how take care of your horse. During the event, you’ll be able to enjoy the horse-trick...