Types of dental crowns: Which crown is best

Healthy teeth are really important for the health of the whole body. Even a partial lack of teeth can lead to the refusal from most vegetables and fruits, because it's difficult to chew them. But as we remember, these products are the main sources of vitamins and minerals. So, dental prosthetics is a good solution to many problems.

Dental crowns in Kiev, Ukraine

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown, also known as dental cap, is a non-removable prosthesis, which is installed on a prepared tooth or implant.  It is used when a tooth is initially damaged, dead or destroyed. A crown can protect an injured tooth or restore the aesthetic appearance of a damaged tooth. A crown also makes it possible to return to normal chewing function. 

Types of dental crowns

Metal crowns

Metal crowns are strong and durable. A metal crown is one of the most affordable prosthetics. However, metal crowns do not look like natural teeth.

Metal ceramic crowns

Metal ceramic crowns have a metal frame coated with ceramics. Another name for this is a ‘porcelain fused to metal’ (PFM) crown. Metal ceramic crowns have a relatively low price. Also, these teeth crowns are very popular due to their reliability, strength and good aesthetic properties. 

Metal free crowns

The most expensive and most aesthetic option for prosthetics is metal-free crowns.

Pressed ceramics. Ceramic crowns can help you make your smile healthier and more attractive. Such prostheses are visually indistinguishable from natural teeth, and this is their main advantage. The disadvantage is the inability to use them in bridge structures, as well as their fragility.

Zirconium dioxide. Products made of zirconium dioxide are one of the most popular varieties of prostheses. They are also known as zirconia crowns. The crowns are durable and very aesthetic, do not require significant tooth grinding and do not cause allergies. A great plus is the ability to use these prostheses in bridge structures of great length. The disadvantage of zirconia crowns is their high cost.

Aluminium oxide. Aluminum oxide crowns appeared not so long ago, but have already managed to gain popularity among many patients. According to experts, in terms of aesthetics they even surpass crowns made of zirconium dioxide, but they are not so strong, therefore they are used mainly on front teeth. Products from aluminum oxide are hypoallergenic, have few contraindications for use, but are known for their high price. 

How dental crowns are made

Before prosthetics, the dentist conducts a thorough examination of the oral cavity to identify diseases. Dental treatment for caries and other diseases is carried out, tartar and plaque are cleaned, root canals are sealed. Then the tooth is prepared - a dentist removes the upper layer of hard tissue with a thickness equal to the thickness of the future crown. When preparing of the tooth is completed, the patient is given local anesthesia. After that, casts are taken. Using casts, gypsum models are made first, and then permanent crowns. At the time of manufacture of prostheses, the patient is set temporary crowns made of plastic, which will allow you to hide your sharpened teeth and perform chewing functions. In the end, the finished crown is fixed to the base with cement. In the manufacturing process of the crown, several fittings may be required.

Cost of a dental crown

As we can see, the cost of a dental crown depends on the materials used. Location, the dentist's training and experience  also have a significant impact on dental prices. 


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