Ukraine entered the top three countries by the number of new coffee houses

Ukraine is among the top 3 European countries where the largest number of coffee houses opened in 2019. This is reported by Blackfield Coffee, referring to the annual report of Project Cafe 2020 by Allegra, an information and industrial platform, as well as the organizer of coffee festivals in New York, London and Milan.

Coffee in Ukraine

According to the study by Allegra, For the year, Ukraine opened 16% more coffee houses than in 2018. More coffee houses were opened only in Romania (28.3%) and Kazakhstan (26.5%). In turn, the highest number of coffee houses in the year decreased in Turkey (2.9%), as well as in Hungary, Belgium and Sweden.


In total, there are around 37.6 thousand coffee houses operating in Europe, increasing by 3.4% in 2019. According to Allegra, 45,000 coffee houses will operate in Europe by 2025.