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News · 05. March 2020
A Barbie doll with a portrait of a Ukrainian fencer appeared. Olha Harlan became the first Ukrainian to enter the Barbie Role Models series. A photo of the athlete, a description of her achievements and the light of her portrait doll appeared on Mattel's website. This is reported by Hromadske radio.

Ukrainian designer
News · 04. March 2020
Ukrainian designer, hat master Ruslan Baginskiy became the hero of an article in the American edition of The New York Times. The newspaper called the Ukrainian "a magnificent hat for the stars of the Instagram". This is reported by

Carpathian Mountains
News · 22. February 2020
Ukraine was included in the TOP 100 of the safest countries for tourists in 2020. The country took 83rd place with 56.2 points. This is reported by Poglyad, referring to Insurly. The website has rated the health care system in our country at 64 points, natural disaster risk at 85 points, transportation risks at 60 points, terrorist threats at 24 points.

Stephen King
News · 20. February 2020
A 19-year-old Ukrainian student, Valentyn Lavrenyuk, has made an agreement with American writer Stephen King on the Dollar Baby program and for just $ 1 bought the right to film his story dated 2008 "Stationary Bike". This is reported by Yabl.

News · 14. February 2020
Three of the 15 tech startups that represented Ukraine at the 10th Global Silicon Valley Startup Grind Global 2020 Entrepreneurs and Investors Conference have reached the Startup Grind Global accelerator program. This is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

Ukrainian village
News · 21. January 2020
Have you ever visited Ukrainian villages? The National Tourism Organization of Ukraine has declared 2020 the year of rural tourism. Rural tourism includes ecotourism and visits to different localities and different communities. In general, this is all about authenticity, traditions, culture and nature in the countryside. This is reported by

Узшзрфтн шт Глкфшту
News · 19. January 2020
Today, January 19, Ukrainians celebrate one of the main Christian holidays called the Epiphany. People believe that on this day water gains healing properties in all reservoirs and preserves them throughout the year, healing bodily and spiritual diseases.

Spa & wellness in Ukraine
Medicine · 05. January 2020
Intense and improper lifestyle, unhealthy ecology, stress, and excessive information make us feel tired and exhausted. This leads to the weakening of the human immune system and, as a result, to various disorders, such as skin problems, irritability, sleep disturbances, and so on. Spa & wellness care has been developed to help us chill out and relax the body. SPA is an abbreviation of the Latin Sanus per Aquam, which translates as “health through water”. Wellness means overall...

Coffee in Ukraine
News · 01. December 2019
Ukraine is among the top 3 European countries where the largest number of coffee houses opened in 2019. This is reported by Blackfield Coffee, referring to the annual report of Project Cafe 2020 by Allegra, an information and industrial platform, as well as the organizer of coffee festivals in New York, London and Milan.