Dental implants: Indications and contraindications

Missing teeth can lead to serious health issues, from chronic headaches to gum diseases. It can also have a distinct impact on your speech and cause changes of your facial feaures. There are different treatment options available for those who have lost their teeth. Dental implantation is used to restore the integrity of the dentition in case of loss of any number of teeth. This is a modern method that provides effective restoration of dentition defects.

Dental implants in Kyiv, Ukraine

What are the situations for which implants are most indicated?

Here are some situations when dental implants are strongly indicated:

  • Edentulism (loss of teeth), partial or complete
  • An alternative to dentures and bridges

What are the contraindications for dental implants?

Dental implant surgery cannot be performed, if there are some contraindications. Contraindications to dental implantation can be divided into absolute and relative.


Absolute contraindications include:

  • Chronic diseases, such as tuberculosis, rheumatic disease, diabetes mellitus, stomatitis, etc.;
  • Diseases of the blood-forming organs;
  • Diseases of the skeletal system, reducing its regenerative ability;
  • Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • Malignant tumors.

Relative contraindications are the following:

  • Periodontitis;
  • Pathological bite;
  • Unsatisfactory state of mouth cavity hygiene;
  • Precancerous diseases;
  • Metal implants in other organs (Kirchner spokes, artificial joints, valves, stimulants);
  • Bruxism.

What is the cost of dental implant in Ukraine?

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