Abdominoplasty: Types, indications and contraindications

Do you have sagging stomach skin? What to do about it? Many women suffer from saggy stomach skin after pregnancy. Rapid weight loss can also cause flabby belly and loose skin. So, how to get rid of that excess skin? The most effective way to remove it is through cosmetic surgery. Healthy eating and sports will help to improve your figure, but they won’t create miracles. Some defects can only be corrected by a plastic surgeon. Sagging, loose elasticity of the stomach refers to such problems. Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is used to flatten the abdomen through the removal of extra skin and fat as well as the tightening of the muscles in the abdominal wall. 

Tummy tuck in Kiev

What are the indications for abdominoplasty?

Often, you can regain a beautiful flat stomach with more gentle methods, from physical exercises and hardware cosmetology procedures to liposuction. But in some cases, a tummy tuck surgery may be the best solution. Abdominal plastic surgery is recommended in the following cases: 

  • Excess skin and fat;
  • Liposuction cannot be performed;
  • Sagging of the anterior abdominal wall;
  • Divergence or extension of the rectus abdominis muscles;
  • Stretch marks (striae), scars from operations and injuries;
  • Hernia, including umbilical, white line of the abdomen, inguinal.

What are the contraindications for abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries and is performed under general anesthesia.  As with any serious surgery, tummy tuck surgery is not recommended, if a patient has:

  • Acute or chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • Diabetes;
  • Heart diseases;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Blood diseases ;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Types of abdominoplasty

There are several types of abdominal plastic surgery. Some of them are used to remove large amounts of fat and excess skin, others - moderate fat accumulation. Today, 2 types of abdominoplasty are widespread:


A mini tummy tuck is a procedure that is uded in cases where just an aesthetic correction is needed with the removal of a small amount of skin and adipose tissue. The incision is performed in the bikini area. The navel after mini-abdominoplasty remains in place.

Complete abdominoplasty

A full tummy tuck is a procedure that is used to remove the maximum amount of skin and fat on the abdominal muscle. If, after the areas of excess skin have been removed, the umbilical ring is deformed or displaced from the midline, the navel is transferred to its original place, making a new hole in the skin for it, and abdominoplasty is performed with the navel moving.

How is abdominoplasty procedure performed?

If you're looking to get rid of extra skin around your waistline, a tummy tuck surgery is the best solution to the problem. Abdominal plastic surgery is a procedure that requires comprehensive preparation. A patient should discuss all the details with a plastic surgeon. Full abdominoplasty lasts from 2 to 5 hours, deending on the complexity of the operation. Most surgeons prefer abdominoplasty surgery under general anesthesia. At the first stage, the surgeon makes an incision in the lower abdomen and separates the skin flap along with adipose tissue to the ribs, then makes an incision around the navel and exfoliates it. After that, hernias and muscle discrepancies are removed, excess skin and fat deposits are removed, tissues of the upper abdomen are stretched, the navel is transferred to a new place, and the surgeon makes sutures. Sutures are removed after 10-12 days. In the first days after surgery in the abdomen there are swelling and of course the pain in this period is absolutely natural, painkillers recommended by the doctor will help to cope with the pain. On average, you will spend from one to three days in a hospital. It is very important to observe the correct mode after abdominoplasty, to prevent overvoltage. The duration of recovery after tummy tucks depends on the type of procedure the surgeon has resorted to.

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) in Ukraine

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