A musical tale about St. Nicholas will be shown in Lviv

What to do in Lviv with kids? On December 19, 2019, the musical fairy tale "The adventure of St. Nicholas" will take place in Lviv. The good old story in the language of music will be told by the choral choir "Dudaryk" accompanied by Rock Orshestra, soloists Vyacheslav Sinchuk, Taras Riznyak, Oksana Mukha. This is reported by Vgorode.

St Nicholas

Angels, devils, and a cat will compete with the forces of darkness in musical battles and return St. Nicholas to our world . For the forces of good always win when united. Those who have already enjoyed the musical "The Adventures of St. Nicholas" in previous years will be pleasantly surprised. After all, in the new version of the musical, the forces of light will be also helped by the Little Prince. He left his tiny planet for a short time and will keep defense with his children. Because this hero can so easily and sincerely give people Light.


Address: Lviv Dovzhenko Center, Chervona Kalyna Str., 81, Lviv.