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Lviv city
News · 04. February 2020
Lviv was recognized as the Best City for Business Outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe by the category of cities under development at the 8th Annual CEE Business Services Summit & Awards in Warsaw. This is reported by the press service of the Lviv City Council.

Lviv cafe
News · 28. January 2020
The first hemp cafe was opened in Lviv. It's called Lvivski Konopli ('Lviv Hemp'). This cafe is located on Lesya Ukrainka Street. Hemp-cafe menu includes dishes and drinks with hemp added. Here you can taste baking, cheese, chocolate, tea, coffee, beer, wine, and more. This is reported by The Village.

Pampuch Holiday
News · 27. December 2019
The traditional Pampuh Holiday will be held in Lviv Shevchenkivskyi Guy on January 18-19. Pampukh Holiday is a legendary winter festival in Lviv that is held to promote traditional Ukrainian food - pampukh. This is reported by

St Nicholas
News · 17. December 2019
What to do in Lviv with kids? On December 19, 2019, the musical fairy tale "The adventure of St. Nicholas" will take place in Lviv. The good old story in the language of music will be told by the choral choir "Dudaryk" accompanied by Rock Orshestra, soloists Vyacheslav Sinchuk, Taras Riznyak, Oksana Mukha. This is reported by Vgorode.

News · 10. December 2019
On December 25, 2019 at the Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theater, a Christmas concert from the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments (NAONI) is waiting for you. It's hard to believe, but the band has been giving us their music and heartfelt warmth for 50 years in a row. During this time, the musicians have played around 5,000 concerts around the world and participated in numerous festivals and competitions.

Christmas in Lviv
News · 09. December 2019
What to do in Lviv with children? Four residences of St. Nicholas will operate in Lviv during the winter holidays. The official residence will open in the Park "Znesinya", and three more will operate in the Market Square, the Palace of Arts and Sykhiv.

IVF treatment in Ukraine
Medicine · 05. December 2019
For some couples, the journey to parenthood is complicated with the infertility diagnosis. If you have faced this, do not despair! Today, there are a few methods of artificial insemination, which in many cases help to overcome even very severe forms of infertility. One of them is IVF (In vitro fertilisation).

Lviv Christmas Market
News · 18. November 2019
The annual Christmas Market in Lviv will start on December 13. It will be located on Svobody Avenue (from the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiya Krushelnytska to the Taras Shevchenko Monument) and at Rynok Square (west and east). This is reported by

Travel Guide · 06. October 2017
“Lviv has definitely got strong gravity force. I don’t know any other city, which could restrain you as much as Lviv does. Due to the fact that when you leave this city, you still remain Lvivian.” Yaroslav Grytsak (historian).