Missing teeth: Consequences and solutions

Almost everyone faces the problem of caries and tooth decay. Bad teeth and their absence can cause many problems and diseases. That is why, having healthy and beautiful teeth is no less important for preserving youth and health than, for example, perfectly smooth skin and healthy muscles or nerves. 

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What are the consequences of missing teeth?

Many people believe that tooth loss is only an aesthetic defect, which makes it difficult to have a beautiful smile. However, the consequences of a prolonged absence of teeth are much more serious. It is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible. This will help not to delay the solution of the problem and make the restoration of the dentition faster and cheaper. If missing teeth are not replaced, the following changes are inevitable:


Remaining teeth are subjected to increasing loads. Also, this leads to abrasion of the enamel, to the appearance of cracks on it and to pathological mobility of the dentition due to the overload of periodontal tissues.


Displacement of teeth. This can cause a change in the bite and joint disorders in the jaw. The absence of one or more teeth with the subsequent movement of the remaining ones violates the correct closing of the jaws, which can lead to any of the pathological bites.


Bone atrophy (osteoporosis). Bone tissue in the absence of a tooth begins to decrease almost immediately after its loss, but in the early stages this decrease is minimal and easily restored. The longer there is no tooth, the more the jaw bone atrophies and dissolves in the place of its absence. 


Functional impairment. The absence of several teeth from the sides gradually leads to a decrease in the height of the face in its lower part. As a result of this, a deep bite begins to form, which interferes with the proper chewing of food. The absence of incisors causes speech impairment, interferes with normal biting and swallowing food. Lack of teeth interferes with the quality of chewing food, and this negatively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to gastritis, pancreatitis and other diseases.


Violation of the proportions of the face. In the absence of molars, the cheeks begin to sink. Missing of the anterior incisors leads to a retraction of the lips. If you do not do restoration of the dentition for a long time, then the face begins to sag in the area of mouth and chin.


As a result, aesthetic problems, changes in diction, and digestive disorders that occur in people with missing teeth lead to psychological discomfort and low self-esteem.

Solutions if you have missing teeth

It is very important to solve problems with teeth on time and not to postpone prosthetics, to prevent the appearance of dentition deformities and the occurrence of bone atrophy. There are the following types of prosthetics:

Removable dental prostheses

They are necessary if most of the teeth are lost or all of them are missing.

Non-removable dental prostheses

Their use is possible if 1-2 teeth are missing or their main part is destroyed.

Dental implantation

This method of prosthetics involves the implanting of implant into the bone tissue, on which a crown is placed. Implantation is considered the best way of prosthetics, as it returns the necessary functionality to the dentition.

The type of prosthetics is selected together with a dentist, taking into account all the indications and contraindications.

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