Tooth decay treatment and prevention

Lots of people suffer from dental problems. Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is the most known dental disease. The reasons for its appearance may differ in different people, but the result is always the same, as it causes the destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth and the formation of a cavity in the tooth. Caries is the most common oral health problem that patients go to the dentist with.

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What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay develops as a result of the vital activity of bacteria, abundantly contained in soft plaque. Plaque is formed due to the consumption of “soft” thermally processed food, with a high content of carbohydrates. If plaque is not timely removed, the bacteria begin to multiply intensely. They secrete acid, which, in fact, leaches fluoride and calcium from tooth enamel. Gradually, the enamel softens, and the bacteria penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth, damaging it. Other factors, such as stress, dental hygiene, heredity, and patient's health status (the immune or digestive system, etc.) can also have a big impact on caries formation. In addition, dental caries may be caused by poor nutrition that leads to lack of proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, and fluoride, as well as by excessive consumption of sweets.

What are the stages of tooth decay?

There are three main stages of dental caries: 

Initial caries

Initial caries occurs when the acids begin to dissolve the minerals and reduce the enamel layer. If identified early and a remineralisation treatment is performed, teeth caries at this stage can be treated.

Medium caries

Medium caries leads to the formation of a carious cavity. Dentin may be affected, pain appears. The density of dentin is much lower than that of enamel, so its destruction is fast. To treat a medium caries, the dentist uses tooth fillings in order to fill a cavity in the tooth.

Deep caries

Deep caries occurs in the absence of treatment. Teeth decay passes from medium to deep. Patients complain of pain. Without timely and proper treatment, teeth caries can go into more severe forms of tooth diseases, such as pulpitis or periodontitis, and lead to its loss.

Tooth decay treatment

Depending on the stage of the disease, the treatment of tooth decay in dental clinics of Kyiv or Lviv, Ukraine is carried out using various modern methods. In the initial stages of caries development, remineralizing therapy is provided by dental specialists of Ukraine. This allows you to stop the spread of dental caries, restore the strength and structure of enamel, to avoid tooth decay. The treatment of caries in the later stages involves the imposition of special medical pads that help strengthen the bottom of the tooth cavity. After this, the cavity is closed by a tooth filling. For dental fillings, dentists use substances that are foreign to the human body, but can well adhere to dentin, cement and enamel. Several generations of popular dental fillings have changed. Today, Ukrainian dentists use ultraviolet. If the carious process goes deep, then there is a need to remove nerves and fill tooth canals. With medium and deep teeth decay, dental treatment is performed under anesthesia. A severely damaged tooth may require a crown. If you need a tooth crown, check prices on dental crowns in Kyiv, Ukraine here. Looking for a cheap dental implant in Europe, Hungary or Poland? Check prices on dental implants in Kyiv, Ukraine here.

Tooth decay prevention

Prevention is much better and cheaper than cure. To prevent the development of dental caries, you should eat healthy food. Fresh vegetables and fruits have to prevail in the diet. The consumption of flour and sweet should be reduced. Besides, you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening, using a properly selected toothpaste and brush. It is also essential to visit the dentist twice a year and to remove tartar. If you have a tooth decay, you must contact your dentist as soon as possible. Deep caries is treated much longer and harder. In addition, it can cause serious complications. The diagnosis of caries is made by the dental specialist. He will define the stage of tooth decay and its treatment plan. For this, in addition to the examination of the oral cavity, the patient may be prescribed dental X-ray or radiovisiography of the tooth. Considering dental treatment in Kyiv, Ukraine?

Dental exam and teeth  cleaning in Kyiv, Ukraine will help you protect your oral health and general well-being. Let us know if you need professional oral hygiene or teeth whitening (teeth bleaching). Contact UA Destination in order to find the best dentist in Kyiv or Lviv, Ukraine