Achieve a beautiful smile with Invisalign treatment

You cannot have a beautiful smile without healthy teeth. If a person often smiles, this shows that he is really happy. With its help you can express your emotions. By the way, correct teeth shape and position make the face more attractive. If your teeth grow crooked or you have a wrong bite, this can be fixed. The possibilities of modern medicine can correct these problems even in adulthood, but it is better if this problem has been noticed earlier. Aligners, braces and even surgical intervention will return you a beautiful dentition, which means a beautiful smile.

Dentistry in Ukraine

What is Invasilign?

Invisalign is a good alternative to metal braces for adults and teens. This is a perfect solution for a beautiful smile. The treatment is carried out using a series of transparent, individually made clear plastic aligners, also known as 'trays'. Invisalign aligners are a perfect solution for a beautiful smile. They will help you improve your smile, without the discomfort which traditional braces would bring. In general, Invisalign can be used to treat the same orthodontic issues that are normally treated with braces.

What is Invisalign used for?

An orthodontist may recommend Invisalign to correct:

  • Overbite. This occurs when your upper front teeth overlap with your lower front teeth. 
  • Underbite. You have an underbite, when you close your mouth and your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth. 
  • Crossbite. This is a condition when you close your mouth and some of your upper teeth are sitting inside your lower teeth, rather than on the outside.
  • Gap teeth. This occurs when you have extra space between two or more of your teeth. 
  • Crowded teeth. This occurs when there’s not enough space in your mouth for all your teeth.  

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

  • Invisalign aligners are almost invisible. The trays are made of crystal clear biopolymer material, according to individual sizes, exactly follow the contours and features of the dentition.
  • Convenient hygiene: trays can be easily removed during meals or when brushing your teeth. This is not just comfortable, it allows you to keep your teeth clean.
  • Lack of metal elements in the mouth that is important for allergy sufferers.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

The method consists in the sequential manufacture of a set of individual aligners using modern computer 3-D technologies. In this case, the exact parameters of the movement of the teeth to the desired position are calculated. Casts of the patient’s dentition are sent to the laboratory. During the entire period of treatment, each tooth "moves" according to a given trajectory. That is, due to constant exposure and a certain pressure on the teeth, they gradually shift in the right direction. Invasalign trays are worn daily, for 20-22 hours a day, and removed for hygiene procedures. Replacement of the trays is carried out every 2-3 weeks until the teeth are in the correct position. The duration of treatment is individual and depends on the degree of complexity of the dentition. Before making the mouthguards, an X-ray examination is mandatory, pictures of the oral cavity, individual dental casts are made.

Where to get Invisalign treatment?

Thinking about traveling abroad for dental work? Looking for affordable orthodontic work in Europe? Location has a significant impact on dental prices. Ukraine is a perfect destination for dental tourism. In Ukraine you can receive an affordable dental care, including convenient and custom aligning trays with Invisalign. This can be a wonderful solution to those concerned about their smile and the possible discomforts of metal braces. It should be mentioned that Invisalign treatment is not suitable for all patients. In some cases, braces are the best option. Orthodontic care specialists in Ukraine work with all modern types of braces, including aesthetic ones: ceramic, sapphire, lingual.


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