Tooth whitening: Facts you should know

Everyone wants to have healthy, beautiful and snow-white teeth. A dazzling white smile is an integral part of modern life. Whether you are a public person or not, a beautiful smile will give you self-confidence and help make a favorable impression on other people around you - from your colleagues to family members. One of the most effective methods aiming to improve your smile is teeth whitening.

Dental care in Kiev

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a very broad concept and includes several different procedures. But first of all, this popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is performed to change the natural color of teeth, to lighten them and remove stains. Today, almost each person wants to get a Hollywood smile. In supermarkets and pharmacies, there are many tools for whitening teeth: toothpastes, gels, special mouthpieces and so on. There are also many dental whitening procedures that dentists perform. But any kind of whitening affects and depletes tooth enamel, without this whitening is impossible. So, the most negative issue of teeth whitening is the increased sensitivity of the teeth. However, this problem is fixable. After any whitening, it is necessary to use special pastes for sensitive teeth or fluoride. Thanks to them, the sensitivity will quickly decrease, and the teeth will still delight you with their whiteness. It is recommended to carry out the procedure from the age of 18-20.

Types of tooth whitening

There are two types of professional teeth whitening. In-office procedure is completed by dentists in the dental office. The other includes home bleaching kit and may be carried out by the patient at home.

In-office teeth whitening

In-office tooth whitening is divided into two types: chemical and hardware. During the chemical bleaching, two substances are mixed to create the desired reaction, one of which acts as a catalyst for the process. This method has been used for a long time and is now rarely used, since it takes a lot of time to achieve the desired effect. During hardware bleaching, special lamps with various types of radiation are used as a catalyst. It can be ultraviolet, laser radiation or heat, which heat up the whitening gel and activate chemical reactions, so that the gel penetrates better into dentin. Today, this procedure is considered the most effective. Usually, one to three sessions are required.

At-home bleaching

At-home teeth whitening involves wearing individual plastic trays, which are filled with a special whitening gel. Trays must be worn daily for 2-3 weeks, and the first effect can be seen after 4-5 days. Trays are convenient, as they can be used at night, while there is no need to constantly visit the dentist's office. They can be purchased at a specialized store, but it will be better to order its individual production at the dentist.

Dental care in Ukraine

Regular oral care is crucial for healthy teeth. Everyone is recommended to have professional dental cleaning every six months. So, if you perform a whitening procedure to teeth that are not cleaned from plaque, then it simply won’t work. The professional oral cavity hygiene performed by a dental specialist involves a number of procedures, such as removing plaque and tartar, treating interdental spaces, polishing teeth, applying fluoride-containing enamel strengthening preparations. Professional oral hygiene in combination with teeth whitening in Kyiv, Ukraine will give you a healthy and amazing smile. Dental care in Kyiv, Ukraine is your chance to restore a beautiful smile at reasonable prices. Looking for cheap dental implants abroad? Considering Hungary, Poland or Turkey? Get affordable dental implants in Kyiv, Ukraine!


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