Knee replacement: What you should know

Keeping an active lifestyle makes us happier, healthier and younger. But it's impossible to do it without free motion of knee joints. As soon as the joint tissue is destroyed, the glide disappears and pain appears. Nowadays, many people suffer from joint pain after 65 years. Of course, not everyone needs endoprosthetic replacement operation, but in severe cases, endoprosthetics of joints is the best treatment.

Knee replacement in Kiev

What is knee endoprosthetics?

The knee joint connects the upper leg to the lower part of the femur. Cartilage, tendons and ligaments connecting the thigh and lower leg allow bending of the knee. The patella, or kneecap, makes it possible to move, bend and unbend the knee. The cartilage between the bones plays the role of a shock absorber when walking, running, jumping. Cartilage is often damaged or destroyed. This leads to severe pain and restricts movement. Cartilage damage occurs for various reasons, including trauma and osteoarthritis. Medication can only relieve pain, but cannot stop the erosion of articular cartilage. In such cases, only surgical replacement of the knee joint can relieve pain.


Endoprosthetics of the knee joint, also known as knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty, is a surgical operation during which the damaged knee joint is replaced with an artificial one. This procedure allows you to save the patient from pain, as well as restore the supporting and motor function of the joint. So, knee replacement helps to restore function and relieve pain due to artificial knees. Knee arthroplasty usually takes about two hours, but recovery and rehabilitation can last months. Depending on how much of a joint is replaced, two types of knee replacement surgery can be performed: total knee replacement is recommended when the whole joint surface is replaced with an artificial implant; partial knee replacement (also called "unicompartmental knee replacement") is performed, if only part is removed and replaced with martificial components. 

When to have knee replacement surgery?

In a healthy knee, the cartilage provides gliding of bones, and the tension of the muscles and ligaments of the joint is balanced, due to which the person moves. In the presence of pathologies, even with the slightest movement of the joint, severe pain occurs. This is one of the main symptoms when you should get an orthopedic consultation. If medication and physiotherapy do not help, the only way to restore leg function is to replace the knee joint. The most common indication for knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. Other indications may include destruction of cartilage, rheumatoid polyarthritis, post-traumatic complications, bone tumors, bone necrosis and purulent inflammation of the joint.


Regardless of the causes of problems with the joint, the presence of pathological processes causes severe pain, which usually cannot be relieved by medication. The only effective treatment is replacement of the knee joint.

Where to get a knee replacement in Ukraine?

Thinking abour traveling abroad for knee replacement? Considering endoprosthetics of the knee joint in Europe? This surgery is very complicated and rather expensive. The price of knee arthoplasty in different clinics in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine can vary significantly. A large number of knee prostheses (different prosthesis brands), which are implanted in the human body to relief pain and restore motion, are used today. The price of the prosthesis of the knee joint also depends on the materials used.


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