Proctology disorders and treatment

Many people suffer from disorders of the rectum, anus and colon. There are several reasons for this, but the most common are the following: uncontrolled use of medications, a sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, alcohol abuse, pregnancy, and anal sex. All these factors lead to the development of congestion in the pelvic organs and impaired blood circulation in the blood vessels of the rectum. The combination of several factors at once leads to a significant increase in the risk of developing proctologic disease. Proctologist is involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of rectal and colon diseases.

Proctology treatment in Kiev

What is a Proctologist?

A proctologist, also known as a colorectal surgeon, is a physician who specializes in disease of the anus, rectum and colon. Among the diseases, hemorrhoids, proctitis and paraproctitis, anal itching, anal fissures, fistulas, polyps and ulcers, prolapse of the rectum, fecal incontinence can be mentioned. Most diseases of the rectum begin with a violation of the act of defecation, the patient suffers from diarrhea or constipation, purulent or bloody discharge occurs from the anus, bowel movement is accompanied by pain, and in a sitting position, the patient also experiences discomfort and pain. The intimacy of the disease very often makes a patient delay the visit to a proctologist. As a result, the disease progresses and becomes chronic. 


A visit to a proctologist involves a comprehensive examination. During the consultation, the doctor will carefully listen to your complaints, ask questions and begin the examination. It should include an external examination of the perineum, a digital examination of the anus and lower rectum, and anoscopy. With the help of an anoscope, the doctor examines the anus and lower part of the rectum. The procedure is not pleasant, but painless. Also, the doctor can perform a sigmoidoscopy used to check the rectum to a depth of 25 cm and colonoscopy used to examine the entire large intestine.

When should you see a proctologist?

You should immediately see a colorectal surgeon in the following cases:

  • Soreness in the anus and rectum. Unpleasant sensations, discomfort, pain in the anus during walking, prolonged sitting, constant or occasionally sharp or dull aching pains.
  • Rectal discharge. Staining of toilet paper in red, the appearance of blood on the stool, streaks of mucus and pus on the feces, traces of discharge from the anus on the linen.
  • Changes in the anus. The appearance of swelling, redness, sores, ulcers, or any other unusual formations in the anus, a sensation of a foreign body in the rectum and anus. 
  • Itching in the anus. Itching and burning in the area of the anus and rectum, permanent or appearing for a while after visiting the toilet.
  • Constipation and other difficulties with bowel movements. Frequent constipation, difficulty emptying the bowels, a feeling of incomplete emptying after stool or, conversely, frequent stool, cause loose stools, diarrhea, incontinence of feces and gases, false urge to defecate, as well as the alternation of constipation and loose stools.
  • Exit of the hemorrhoid. The appearance of swelling or rounded formation from the anus after defecation.
  • Trauma to the anorectal region. Bruises, cuts and other damage to the anus with a violation of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes or without it.
  • Aesthetic change in the perineal area of the anus. The appearance in the area of genital warts, papillomas, fringes, cracks.

You should not delay a visit to a proctologist if one of these symptoms appears, and especially if there are several symptoms. 

Proctology treatment in Kyiv, Ukraine

Even in the absence of any disorders and symptoms, women and men older than 45 years are recommended to undergo annual physical exams. Regular medical check-ups will allow you to identify any abnormalities at an early stage and start treatment as quick as possible.


Thinking about getting colorectal surgery in Europe? Considering treatment of proctological diseases in Kyiv, Ukraine? Many diseases develop asymptomatically, so early diagnosis is of great importance. Proctology specialists in Kyiv, Ukraine will be able to identify the disease at an early stage and take the necessary measures, which guarantees the effectiveness of the treatment. Clinics in Kyiv, Ukraine are well-equipped and use the latest technologies to perform diagnostics, treatment of  different rectal and colon diseases.  So, an annual physical exam in Kyiv, Ukraine will help you see how your body is performing and stay healthy.


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