How to keep your gums healthy

Everyone knows how important it is to have strong and healthy teeth. And many of us forget about the health of gums. However, gum problems can cause the loss of teeth. Besides, healthy gums are the most important component of a beautiful smile. Inflammation of the gums, which are faced by the vast majority of people, can lead to a lot of problems.

Dental treatment in Kiev

Healthy gums are pale pink and should not have any damages. But with a number of diseases of the gums begins to bring a lot of anxiety. Depending on the specific disease, the gums can swell, become inflamed, bleed, itch. But, often, these symptoms are almost imperceptible, so the patient may not even be aware of possible gum problems. This is the main danger of gum disease.

The most common causes of gum disease

Plaque is the main cause of gum disease. If not to remove it regularly and thoroughly, plaque irritates the gums and causes serious damages. To prevent its formation, it is necessary to use good toothbrushes which are capable to effectively remove a plaque in the intervals between teeth. You should also change the brush every three months. Smoking is also dangerous for the gums. The health of the gums can depend on the general condition of the body and nutritional deficiencies.

Preventing gum disease

Gum disease can have unpleasant consequences, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Thus, it is essential to remember that prevention is better that cure. For prevention of inflammation of the gums you should brush your teeth properly, use the right toothpaste and dental floss. It is important to eat balanced food, not to abuse sweets and, spicy foods, increase the number of raw vegetables and fruits. It is also better to quit smoking. And the most important thing is regular dental checks up.


Everyone is recommended to have professional dental cleaning every six months. The professional oral cavity hygiene performed by a dental specialist involves a number of procedures, such as removing plaque and tartar, treating interdental spaces, polishing teeth, applying fluoride-containing enamel strengthening preparations. Professional oral hygiene will give you a healthy and amazing smile. Dental care in Kyiv, Ukraine is your chance to restore a beautiful smile at reasonable prices. Looking for cheap dental implants abroad? Considering dental care in Hungary, Poland or Turkey? Get affordable dental implants in Kyiv, UkraineContact UA Destination to book an appointment with the best dental clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine.