Rhinoplasty: Everything you should know about the surgery

The face of each person is beautiful and unique. But man is so arranged that he constantly strives for perfection. Certain parameters did not bring us satisfaction and lead to low self-esteem. The disproportionate size of the nose often causes dissatisfaction with our appearance. Apart from the aesthetic violation, a bent or deformed nose may also cause problems with breathing. To eliminate them and improve the appearance, an operation is recommended.

What is nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure used to correct the shape and size of the nose. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated plastic surgeries. This is explained by the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the nose, as well as the fact that in addition to the appearance of the nose, which is one of the most noticeable facial features, its function, that is, nasal breathing, is very important for us. Thus, the nose job is aimed not only at improving the appearance, but also at restoring nasal breathing.


Rhinoplasty is mostly performed under general anesthesia. During an individual meeting with a plastic surgeon, the doctor will carefully listen to your wishes, evaluate your physical condition, examine the features of the anatomical structures of the nose and nose shape. When planning an operation, the size and shape of the nose as a whole, its individual parts, the thickness of the skin of the nose, and nasal breathing are taken into account. 

Do I need rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is performed according to two indications, such as aesthetic and medical. The nose job is recommended for patients if they suffer from a number of medical problems, including the curvature of the septum of the nose, curvature of the nose after an injury and difficulty breathing through the nose. Sometimes people are unsatisfied with their appearance and they are recommended the nose shaping if they have a long nose, thick tip of the nose, a hump or large nostrils.


Rhinoplasty is not recommended for people under 18, since only by this time the nose tissue has finally formed. Also, the nose job surgery is not recommended for people with diabetes, with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, kidneys and liver. 

Types of rhinoplasty

There are many varieties of rhinoplasty, each of which is designed to solve a specific problem and can affect different types of tissues. Some of them are:

Plastic correction of nose wings. Due to this surgery, you can change the thickness and shape of the nostrils. This is an indispensable procedure to improve the appearance of the entire nose.

Correction of nasal septal defects. Very often, a plastic surgeon is recommended not only for aesthetic purposes, but also because of health problems. Rhinoseptoplasty allows you to surgically correct defects of the nasal septum, which greatly complicate the lives of patients.

Nose tip correction. Correction of the nose tip is a very responsible plastic surgery requiring high professionalism. Each case is unique and requires an individual approach. Patients are recommended the surgery in case of congenital bifurcation of the tip of the nose, correction of the hooked form, as well as excessive snub-nosed and other problems.

Hump removal surgery. Some people think that the presence of a hump on the nose is not beautiful, and they try to get rid of the hump. 

Where to get rhinoplasty in Ukraine?

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