Computer vision syndrome: Simple steps to prevent it

Gadgets have become an essential part of our lives. At work we spend long hours in front of computer screens daily. Many people prefer to relax while watching TV or playing computer games and forget about the time. We do not think that our eyes need rest too. And even the safest screens can cause functional visual impairments. Every day a modern person uses a work computer, home laptop and smartphone. And all of this can harm our eyes.

Computer vision syndrome

What is computer vision syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, is the term for a group of eye problems caused by the prolonged use of computers, tablets and other digital devices. All these gadgets put a very heavy burden on our eyes with their bright screens emitting excessive blue light that causes digital eyestrain. 


The most common symptoms of computer vision syndrome include:

  • eye strain
  • dry and itchy eyes
  • double vision
  • blurry vision
  • nearsightedness
  • headaches


The best way to prevent computer vision syndrome is to avoid the continuous use of digital devices. However, this is a big problem for those who have to work at a computer. Anyway, adults aren't the only ones who can experience digital eye strain. Kids who stare at tablets or use computers during the day can have symptoms of computer vision syndrome too. So, digital eyestrain can affect anyone who looks at a computer, smartphone or other digital devices for long periods without breaks. That is why it is important to regulate the time spending in front of screens and let your eyes rest. 


There are some additional tips for preventing the symptoms of computer eye syndrome. They include:

  • Using the screen at an optimal viewing distance (at least 20 inches or 51 cm from the eyes)
  • The center of the screen should be placed 15 to 20 degrees below eye level 
  • Ensuring that you have suitable and sufficient lighting
  • Using an antiglare screen to reduce glare 
  • Switching to glasses to give your eyes a break if you wear lenses
  • Trying to blink as often as possible to avoid eye dryness
  • Doing regular eye exams

Eye treatment in Kyiv, Ukraine

A regular eye exam is the most important thing which you can do to prevent digital eyestrain. Visits to eye care professionals can reduce the risk of computer vision syndrome and help you stay healthy. Vision therapy may help patients who suffer from the symptoms of computer vision syndrome and other eye disorders. Some people who experience vision problems may be good candidates for laser eye surgery. 


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