Discover every corner of Lviv and enjoy the city

If you love traveling and have a free weekend, you definitely have to visit the most marvelous city in Ukraine called Lviv. This city, located in the western part of Ukraine, is known for its exquisite architecture, incredible atmosphere, and fabulous hospitality.


So, what to see and do in Lviv? No doubt, you should visit the catacombs which were found underneath this amazing city, because only in such a way you will be able to realize how the gothic Lviv had looked like in the 16th century before it was destroyed by the fire and to feel the spirit of the medieval city. We are sure you will be really impressed with the mystic dungeons of the Jesuits Church, also known as the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. You will certainly love the undergrounds of the Dominican Cathedral and all the myths and legends surrounding them. In addition, you should also visit an unusual Pharmacy Museum, explore its old cellars and listen to stories about alchemists. But if you are a coffee lover, you are obliged to make a visit to a coffee mine that will truly produce unforgettable impressions on you and to drink a cup of extremely tasty coffee in a cafe there.


Have you ever walked on rooftops? Do you think it sounds weird? But for the inhabitants of Lviv it’s a good way to admire their wonderful city from the bird's-eye view. The city has a few interesting roofs, by the way, which are undoubtedly worth visiting.


Strolling along the streets of this magnificent city, you will see beautiful ancient buildings where every stone whispers about the distant past. It seems as if these buildings remember everything: smelling coffee, incredible people who lived here in different times, wars and victories, tears and joy. Visiting gorgeous palaces, castles and fortresses will allow you to completely plunge into the atmosphere of the historical events that happened many years ago.


For those travellers who are looking for a piece of nature in order to escape the noise of the city, we recommend to head for the breathtaking Carpathians and to relax to the soothing sounds of awesome Ukrainian waterfalls. This is a great way to recharge your mind, revive your spirit and boost your energy level.


Lviv is located in the very heart of Europe. Most European cities are only a short flight away from it. So, take a break from your business and without hesitation go to the fantastic Ukrainian city which we proudly call the City of Lions, as more than 4 thousand of lion figures can be found here. 


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Guest post: Mariana, a professional tour guide