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Christmas tree in Kyiv
News · 01. January 2022
The main tree of Ukraine on Sophia Square in Kyiv entered the rating of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe, according to the official website of the best travel destinations in Europe Europe Best Destination. This year it took 13th place and was ranked among the trees from Poland and Italy. The first place was taken by Malta's Christmas tree, which is made from 4,500 recycled bottles.

Christmas tree in Kyiv
News · 03. January 2020
The main tree of Ukraine on St. Sophia Square took fifth place in the ranking of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe, according to European Best Destinations. The Christmas tree in Kyiv was inferior in beauty only to the trees in Vilnius, Prague, Cologne and Strasbourg, leaving behind Paris, Rome, Vienna, Budapest and Brussels.

Christmas tree in Kyiv
News · 30. December 2019
On the eve of the New Year, Kyiv car owners took part in the festive flash mob # ShoPoёlke2020, creating a huge Christmas tree from cars in the parking lot of the Blockbuster Mall. This is reported by BigKiev.

Chornobyl Zone
News · 26. December 2019
For the first time since the Chernobyl accident, a Christmas tree was installed in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The New Year's beauty was placed near one of the central houses of Pripyat, the Energy Palace of Culture. This is reported by ZIK. Former residents of the town who decorated the tree with Christmas toys and their pictures from childhood came to the opening of the Christmas tree.