Have you ever been to Ukraine?

Have you ever been to Ukraine?

If your answer is “No”, because you don’t find the country interesting enough, and you don’t think this destination should be on your list, then take a few minutes to run an eye over the article to get some glimpses of the country. Maybe, it will make you change your opinion, and you will choose Ukraine as your next travel destination.


So, let’s talk about Ukraine.


Ukraine is a beautiful country hidden in the East of Europe. It doesn’t see crowds of tourists, but it has so much to offer. 

Blue Lake of Buchak.
Blue Lake of Buchak, located not far from Kaniv


When it comes to nature, Ukraine is really fascinating. The country is blessed with miraculous and breathtaking landscapes. Indeed, it’s a vast country with a ream of marvelous land to explore and experience. There is the amazing forestland of Carpathian Mountains, the lovely shores and beaches of the Black Sea and Azov Sea, the Oleshky Sands with oases, one of the largest biosphere reserves in Europe Askania-Nova, the spectacular Shypit Waterfall, the picturesque lakes like Synevir and Svityaz… Ukraine has it all. 

The Carpathians Mountains
The Carpathians


Ukraine is the second latgest country in Europe. Each region of the country is different to another, but at the same time, incredible and awesome. You can view contemporary impressive superstructures as well as old buildings, dating us back hundreds of years ago. It’s like a stroll through the epochs. Here you can see ancient architecture along with Soviet and modern buildings.  

St Sophia's Cathedral
St Sophia's Cathedral

St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv, one of the most significant Ukraine’s buildings, is considered to be the masterpiece of architecture from Kyivan Rus. Walking along the streets of  Lviv, replete with the scent of freshly-brewed coffee, you can enjoy splendid Renaissance buildings. Visiting Odessa, you will be able to relish a truly unique atmosphere of the city where each house or street is a landmark imbued with the spirit of history, incredible architectural elements and the soul of the masters who created it all. In order to discover Ukraine and see more, travel to Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Zaporizhia… Some of the cities are those of the most underrated cities in Europe. If you visit them, you'll get a chance to open up a totally different perspective on Ukraine. And don't forget to pay a visit to small towns and villages, which will show you the real life of locals.


In addition, Ukraine is home to oodles of amazing castles, fortresses and palaces. This list includes, but is not limited to, Palanok Castle in Mukacheve, Uzhhorod Castle, Akkerman Fortress in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Khotyn Fortress, Kachanivka Palace in Chernihiv region, and so on and so forth. 


Need ideas for amusing things to do in Ukraine?


If you are a true lover of classical music, you should visit Kyiv Philharmonic delivering exquisite programs designed to delight all fine music lovers. Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv welcome theater-goers to make them enjoy the bewitching artistic atmosphere, and perfect performances of opera and ballet. A number of concerts and festivals planned throughout the year attract lots of visitors to cities.

Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater
Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater

Those who are fond of nightlife hangouts are pretty much guaranteed a great time in big cities, sizzling with activities at night — you can sip cocktails, dance or hear live music at clubs and pubs.

Kyiv by night
Kyiv by night

If you are a foodie-traveler, Ukraine can offer a variety of good places to eat, showcasing different types of cuisine. But if you are curious about dishes that can’t be found in your home country, go to the rural areas where you will absolutely dip into local delicacies and take a break from the city lifestyle.


Adventurers who adore active rest can choose rock-climbing, horseback riding, rafting, mountain hiking and cycling.


In summer, take a trip to the south of Ukraine, where you will surely plunge into a holiday of sea and sun. You can enjoy the warmth of the sun by sunbathing on the sandy beaches or rent a yacht to explore the coastline. It's the perfect mixture of seaside adventure and relaxation.

The Black Sea, Odessa
The Black Sea, Odesa

Ukraine also has alluring parks, botanical gardens, interesting museums and wonderful art galleries. And this list can be continued. 

Budget travel

You don't need to splash cash to have astounding experience, as Ukraine is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe. So, be sure to add it to your list of places to visit. Here you can travel for €30-50 per day including accommodation and food. For example, hotel accommodation in Kyiv costs about €20 per day. Bus, tram, and metro tickets are under €1 per trip.

People and language

In the end, I would like to say a few words about Ukrainians. They are very friendly and hospitable, love to chat and meet visitors, and are always ready to help. However, you shouldn’t expect everyone to speak English; though most people, especially young, understand the globalization role of English, and really do their best to master the language.


I hope you agree that Ukraine is a wonderful country, which can offer a great collection of marvelous sights and an opulence of inspiration. Welcome to Ukraine!

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