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Travel Guide · 16. April 2017
Are you interested in Ukraine's customs and traditions? Do you know how Ukrainians celebrate Easter? Easter is one of the biggest holidays in the country. Ukrainians call it "Velykden" (Great Day). It is celebrated the week after Catholic Easter. Children and adults all over Ukraine await Easter, as all families come together to celebrate it and everyone is the holidy spirit.

Travel Guide · 04. April 2017
The Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces in Ukraine, placed on the territory of former highly secretive missile base, gives a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of Soviet nuclear power. We realize how small we are, how pathetically tiny, relative to the horrifying power of nuclear weapons. So much time has passed, and the humanity has made such a giant technological leap. However, there is a thing that hasn’t changed - a human being is still trying to create the most destructive weapon of all...

Travel Guide · 30. March 2017
If your answer is “No”, because you don’t find the country interesting enough, and you don’t think this destination should be on your list, then take a few minutes to run an eye over the article to get some glimpses of the country. Maybe, it will make you change your opinion, and you will choose Ukraine as your next travel destination. So, let’s talk about Ukraine. Ukraine is a beautiful country hidden in the East of Europe. It doesn’t see crowds of tourists, but it has so much to...