Wisdom teeth: problems, treatment and removal

The wisdom tooth is the third molar tooth at the back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth appear later in life, and sometimes they do not erupt at all. A person cannot have more than 4 wisdom teeth. The approximate time when wisdom teeth growing begins at the age from 18 to 27. Scientists consider them a rudimentary organ that does not carry any functional load when chewing food. Usually discomfort is caused by wisdom teeth, which grow horizontally in the jaw. They do not have enough space to erupt, and they press on adjacent teeth. As a result, the entire dentition shifts. Moreover, these teeth severely injure the gums, leading to chronic inflammation.

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Signs and symptoms of wisdom teeth growing

Some people don't have any wisdom teeth at all, while others can have one to four of them. So, if you are not among these lucky ones, you will be able to recognize the growing of your third molars by the following symptoms:


• Swollen or bleeding gums

• Jaw pain

• Enlarged lymph nodes

• Temperature increase

• Painful swallowing

• Difficulty in opening the mouth


Symptoms vary significantly from person to person and depend on the individual characteristics of the body. Sometimes, a person does not feel any discomfort at all. Thus, a wisdom tooth grows correctly and does not interfere with neighboring teeth.

Causes of wisdom tooth pain

• Caries. Removing plaque from the surface of a wisdom tooth is quite difficult. This leads to such a problem as caries.

• Dystopia. Due to the improper position of wisdom teeth, soft tissues of the cheek can be injured, and bite deformities can also appear.

• Retention. The third molar tooth that has not erupted and is hidden under the gum causes different complications and pain.

• Pericoronitis. Inflammation of the gums occurs around the third molars and leads to swelling and redness.

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Should you have your wisdom teeth removed? In most cases, the third molar teeth don't have enough space to grow properly and cause many problems. But if your wisdom teeth are healthy and fully erupted, they may not need to be removed. If you have any pain, you should immediately make an appointment to see a dentist. After examination, the doctor will decide whether to remove the tooth or still leave it. 


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