Ukrainian borscht
News · 18. January 2022
The world leader in online news and information CNN has compiled its own list of the 20 best soups from around the world, which also includes Ukrainian borscht. In addition to borscht, the CNN list includes Banga from Nigeria, Vietnamese beef pho, French bouillabaisse, Spanish gazpacho, Portuguese caldo verde, Gambo from the USA, Georgian kharcho, Chinese lanzhou beef noodle soup and others.

News · 03. January 2022
The British publication The Independent has recently published a list of cities around the world worth visiting in 2022. Due to quarantine restrictions, the publication says, it is still difficult to travel the world, but it is still possible to make a list of cities you would like to visit next year. The rating involves only 9 cities, including the Ukrainian Odesa. The list of cities to visit in 2022 also includes: Vienna (Austria), Chania (Crete, Greece), Naples (Italy), Paris (France), Seoul...

Christmas tree in Kyiv
News · 01. January 2022
The main tree of Ukraine on Sophia Square in Kyiv entered the rating of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe, according to the official website of the best travel destinations in Europe Europe Best Destination. This year it took 13th place and was ranked among the trees from Poland and Italy. The first place was taken by Malta's Christmas tree, which is made from 4,500 recycled bottles.

Kyiv city
News · 30. December 2021
The Institute for Management Development, in collaboration with Singapore University for Technology and Design (SUTD), has recently released the 2021 Smart City Index. The top three places were taken by Singapore (1st), Zurich (2nd) and Oslo (3rd). Geneva and Copenhagen closed the top five most technological cities in the world. The capital of Ukraine is also ranked among the top 100 smart cities in the world. Kyiv has risen 16 points in the world ranking Smart City Index 2021 and took 82nd...

Christmas tree in Kyiv
News · 24. December 2021
New Year's holidays are one of the most amazing periods of the year for millions of Ukrainians who are always looking forward to them. At this time Kyiv's streets are decorated with thousands of garlands. This year residents and guests of the capital will be able to enjoy lots of fantastic locations such as Sophia Square, Kontraktova Square, Kyivan Rus Park, Dobropark, VDNG and Roshen Winter Village.

Medicine · 12. December 2021
It is no doubt that modern life forces a person to live with high levels of constant stress. And obviously, only a few can say that they never feel anxious and have strong mental health. Fears, anxiety, depression, sleep and eating disorders are the consequences of the frantic pace of life the humanity has today. Mental health issues are one of the most complex medical problems affecting people all over the world. Mental disorders include depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other...

Kyiv city
News · 04. December 2021
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) just announced its annual Worldwide Cost of Living index for 2021, which lists the most expensive and cheapest cities to live in the world. Kyiv takes the 88th place. This year, the capital of Ukraine moved up 13 places in the ranking, which is one of the biggest changes in the ranking for the year as a whole.

St. Sophia Cathedral
News · 01. December 2021
Creative resources expert Design Bundles recently analyzed how many times the 145 most popular UNESCO World Heritage sites have been tagged on Instagram, and gave them the appropriate rating. One of the most beautiful Ukrainian architectural and historical monuments, St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, is ranked among the ten most instagrammable UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Alcohol use
Medicine · 25. November 2021
Alcohol abuse is one of the biggest issues facing humanity today. This disease affects people of different ages and social backgrounds. Women are also susceptible to alcohol abuse, though men consume much more alcohol. Globally, the harmful use of alcohol causes 3 million deaths annually, according to the report released by the World Health Organization. More than 95,000 people in the USA die from alcohol misuse every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inform. In England,...

The Danube River
News · 19. November 2021
National Geographic has just released the list of the best travel destinations you need to visit in 2022. It feautures 25 amazing places from all over the world. The must-see sites are divided into five catagories: nature, adventure, sustainability, culture and history, and family. This year, the ranking includes a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in honor of its 50th anniversary. Ukraine has also been mentioned in the list, due to the Danube River which flows through the territory of 10...

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