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Sanatorium in Ukraine
News · 20. January 2020
In the Dnipro region, a new spa-center with a swimming pool and modern clinic will be built on the territory of the sanatorium "Resort Orlovshchyna". This is reported by the Dnipro Regional State Administration. Here, diseases of the digestive system and endocrine system, metabolic disorders are treated.

Spa & wellness in Ukraine
Medicine · 05. January 2020
Intense and improper lifestyle, unhealthy ecology, stress, and excessive information make us feel tired and exhausted. This leads to the weakening of the human immune system and, as a result, to various disorders, such as skin problems, irritability, sleep disturbances, and so on. Spa & wellness care has been developed to help us chill out and relax the body. SPA is an abbreviation of the Latin Sanus per Aquam, which translates as “health through water”. Wellness means overall...