Annual health check-ups: Do you really need them?

Prevention is the best treatment. Monitoring your own health is an important aspect in every person's life. As usual, most people forget about their own health. But we should take charge of our health, because the disease detected at the early stages is much better treated!


Medical examination is a timely medical exam aimed at the building and strengthening of health, and the identification and prevention of the spread of diseases. Health screening tests include both doctor's examination and diagnostics, for example, ultrasound, blood test and others.

Blood test in Kiev

The main objectives of health screening are:

• dynamic monitoring of human health;

• timely detection of disease;

• timely conduct of preventive and curative procedures.


So, preventing the disease through medical exam can help you live longer and healthier.


However, preventive medical examination may include both compulsory medical examinations and specialized health screening tests.

Compulsory medical examinations

Compulsory medical examinations show the general state of health. These exams include:


General blood test. This procedure will help identify anemia in a timely manner, diagnose blood disorders or an inflammatory process in the human body, detect the presence of parasites.

General urine test. Urinalysis allows us to evaluate the state of the kidneys and urinary tract, in some cases can diagnose diabetes.

Biochemical analysis of blood. Such a test is very important, since many factors are studied with it, namely:

  • blood sugar levels (increased levels of sugar may indicate a dangerous disease such as diabetes mellitus);
  • bilirubin (it helps to identify problems with the liver and gallbladder);
  • urea and creatinine (it gives a general understanding of the work of the kidneys and the liver).

ECG or Electrocardiogram. It can detect complications after angina, increase of arterial pressure, presence of ischemia (lack of oxygen) for the heart.

Ultrasound or Ultrasound Diagnosis. Ultrasound diagnosis is an absolutely safe and very informative method of functional diagnosis, which plays an important role in diagnosis of diseases of the internal organs.

Fluorography. It shows the state of the lung, diagnoses tuberculosis.

Therapist or family doctor. He carries out a complete inspection, measures blood pressure (AD), and recommends additional medical tests in case of some complaints about digestive organs, endocrine system, etc.

Surgeon. He examines the patient for the subject of varicose veins and its complications and his stomach to determine the size of the liver and spleen, the state of other organs of the abdominal cavity, and in men, the prostate gland.

Gynecologist. This exam includes examination on the chair with taking smears and examination of the mammary glands.

Neurologist. He can identify many deviations, even if you don’t have any complaints.

Specialized health screening tests

In case of previously detected pathology, such periodical exams will help you manage health.

• For people who have been treated before, these tests are recommended to monitor their health and to avoid recurrence.

• In case of complaints and some symptoms of disease, specialized tests are strictly recommended.

The benefits of annual check-ups with UA Destination:

• High quality healthcare services at reasonable price;

• Best clinics and professional doctors;

• Modern diagnostic equipment;

• Suitable date and time.


For everybody, even healthy one, an annual medical exam is considered to be the foundation of good care. Considering preventive health screening tests in Europe? Choose Ukraine. CONTACT UA Destination if you are interested in annual health checkups in Kyiv, Ukraine. We offer services to individuals as well as corporate packages. We will help you find the best urologists, proctologists or other doctors in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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