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Men's health exam
Medicine · 04. July 2019
Do you need a Well-Male Exam? Yes, of course. An annual physical examination is a key element of preventive medicine, the purpose of which is to help you stay healthy and happy. Medical examination for men is an important and necessary procedure, because it allows you to get the diagnosis of the entire body and reveal pathology at the early stages of its development.

Women's health checkup in Kiev
Medicine · 03. July 2019
An annual physical exam is the best prevention of illnesses. In order to maintain good reproductive and sexual health, every year women should visit a gynecologist. What does an annual gynecological exam include? At first, the gynecologist asks questions about complaints, pregnancy and childbirth, about the menstrual cycle. After the conversation, the doctor physically examines the female's breasts and genitals.

Blood test in Kiev
Medicine · 30. June 2019
Prevention is the best treatment. Monitoring your own health is an important aspect in every person's life. As usual, most people forget about their own health. But we should take charge of our health, because the disease detected at the early stages is much better treated! Medical examination is a timely medical exam aimed at the building and strengthening of health, and the identification and prevention of the spread of diseases. Health screening tests include both doctor's examination and...