Men’s Health: Annual Screening Tests

Do you need a Well-Male Exam? Yes, of course. An annual physical examination is a key element of preventive medicine, the purpose of which is to help you stay healthy and happy. Medical examination for men is an important and necessary procedure, because it allows you to get the diagnosis of the entire body and reveal pathology at the early stages of its development.

Men's health exam

During the health examination, the doctor takes your blood pressure, listens to your heart and lungs. The doctor also asks about your health history and complaints. Laboratory tests are recommended as well, in order to provide further information about your current health. 


Men’s physical exam is recommended to be carried out at least once a year. Regular health checkups will help you keep your body healthy, prevent some disesases and the development of pathological conditions at the early stages. Apart from annual medical examinations, it is recommended to get an unplanned physical exam if a man has urethral discomfort or itch, disorders of urination, appearance of rashes or formations on the external genital organs, decrease or absence of libido and other symptomps and abnormalities.


Our standard package of Men’s Health Program includes: 

  • Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland, organs of abdominal cavity and kidneys
  • Ultrasound examination of bladder and prostate
  • Consultation of the urologist
  • X-ray examination of the chest organs
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Laboratory examination (a general blood test, general urine analysis, blood sugar analysis,  blood test for calcium, liver tests, renal tests, lipid complex, TTG)
  • Consultation of a family doctor 

Well-male exam in Kyiv, Ukraine is your chance to stay healthy and happy. Do you want to learn more about Men's Health Screening Tests, available with UA Destination in Kyiv, Ukraine? We offer services to individuals as well as corporate packages. We will help you find the best urologist, proctologist or other doctors in Kyiv, Ukraine


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