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Varicose vein prevention
Medicine · 18. October 2020
Today many people in the world suffer from varicose veins. As a result, veins lose their elasticity, change shape and swell. No doubt, this leads to blood circulation problems and irreversible changes in tissues. If you have a parent with varicose veins, you can inherit the disease. Mostly varicose veins develop in the legs. In this case, they are manifested by spider veins on the skin and the appearance of dense venous nodes. Some people consider varicose veins just a cosmetic problem....

Varicose veins treatment in Kiev
Medicine · 28. February 2020
Varicosis is one of the most common diseases that leads to serious consequences and even disability. Varicose veins, which affect every third woman and every tenth man on the planet, are not just a discomfort and a cosmetic defect. This is a serious condition that can cause blood clots, ulcers and bleeding.